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I always wanted to be friends with Ari. She had an impeccable music taste and loved 70s music and I always wanted to have a friend to talk to about it. I have a vivid memory of her carrying a Jesus Christ Superstar vinyl around on campus and I just wanted to start gushing with her about it but I felt too nervous and scared to ever really approach her and just hang out. I remember drunkenly telling her at a party how cool she is and how much I liked her and I was sure she wasn’t interested in hanging and she insisted that wasn’t the case and that she did want to hang! But I was still scared. I’ll always regret that weakness in me. Time is too short with all the people in your life to pass up on those opportunities to connect with others. Ari was a bright light to many of us, and so many people love her and will continue to love her for the years to come even if she isn’t with us. 

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