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I remember the first time I saw Ari last year, she stood out to me in her bright shirt against the blacks and greys of the other LDs in electrics orientation when I was a freshman. She smiled when she introduced herself and I remember that it made everyone else smile too. She was so bright and I immediately knew I wanted to talk to her more. We worked on a couple different shows that rotation and I had not been loving my time in electrics prior to working with Ari, but immediately my mind was changed when she was in charge. She was so genuine and appreciative of everyone working with her, even us ladder weights. She was so organized and confident, which allowed us all to learn from her and have a good time. We had a few short conversations during this time and even though they were not deep or anything, it always made me happy to interact with her. Ever since then, whenever I see her around campus she would always always smile and say hello no matter what, and was always so friendly and warm. She was so so so loved and will be missed always.

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