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A month into my freshman year, I was volunteering for one of Ari’s calls for her show assignment. When dinner break was called the rest of the crew left to D Hall and I was going to stay in Humanities until Ari, who stayed momentarily behind, told me to follow her to D Hall. We made small talk on the way there and she even offered me the deck electrician position (but unfortunately I was on another show). On the way back from dinner, the upperclassmen initiated a game of Mr. President, which I wasn’t aware of. As more people put their hands up to their ears waiting for the target, Ari came up to  me and gestured for me to do the same. Another student got tackled instead. It wasn’t until after that I realized she was the only one to come up to me and let me in on what was about to occur. Anyone else would’ve probably let me be the target if I didn’t catch it myself. It was a simple gesture, but I still remember how grateful I was she did it.

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