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When I was a freshman, I walked to the back of the studio to see who was applying to Purchase and talk to them. I did that all four years I was there. The only person I remember so clearly was Ari. Something about her energy was so unique, I felt warmth in it. I told her, no matter what happens in that room, next year, you’ll be back in September. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it because she was and even better, I was her mentor. I  didn’t know much about my concentration at the time, but I was always determined to help her because I believed in her. I always invited her to any kind of call I was going to from then on, whether it was on campus or not, because her energy was addicting. She had a laugh that made me smile so I was always grateful for her. A few months ago, she made her stick and poke account and it made me so excited. I could get a tattoo from someone I believe in, both as a human and an artist. Time was unfair for us so it kept getting pushed off. I wish it wasn’t. I’ve never met someone with energy so vibrant like Ari. I’m beyond grateful I knew her and even though she is gone, she will never leave my heart. I love her so much and will never forget her.

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