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I had the privilege to work with her on the Opera. She carried the lighting team in that show.  She was my go-to to sort out all of the lighting problems that I had as the rigger and was responsible for making sure that all of the stuff in the air could actually be there. She was there to help and solve them.  No matter the time of day when I called her or texted her she would pick up and we would talk about the show but about how each other were doing. She embodies what it means to be in D/T, from her work ethic to party ethic. At the parties, I remember Ari just dancing without a care in the world or on the roof looking at the stars of our studio building.  We had discussed plans for next year on what we were going to do as she would be the designer and me the technical director, two people that work closely together.  We had talked about preventing the absolute mess that had happened this year, where stuff had gone wrong and right. She was so excited to design and was really the best in the entire class. She was part of our family and will always be part of the family in our memories.

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