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My freshman year, I slipped on the wet floor and collapsed to the ground at a party, severely twisting my knee. I didn’t know Ari very well, she was just the girl who sat near me in the studio, but she cleared a path for me amongst all the intoxicated people and carefully got me outside on the steps. I don’t remember anything that we talked about, but that was the day that sticks out in my head, as the day we became friends. Since then, she has been by my side ever since. We spent so many amazing nights listening to her eclectic mix of music, dancing wildly to the Hair soundtrack, getting stupid high, talking about the universe, building a brownie empire, discussing art, watching trippy music videos, and living life to it’s fullest. Ari has been a ray of light in my life and I truly will never stop loving her beautiful soul. You will be so missed my dearest Ari.

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