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It wasn’t until this summer that I realized how close Ari and I had become over sophomore year. We were desk neighbors throughout one of the most transformative and definitive years in this conservatory. From then on, I had a very clear window I was looking through of such a talented, selfless, beautiful, and strong soul. One of my most favorite memories of Ari was from our jr LD meat night. The 10 of us got together for a high & booze filled night to make pasta, meatballs and garlic bread. We were all there, cracking jokes, reminiscing of our fun or miserable times in production; but I remember Ari. She and I had gotten really high and begun to talk about brownies, which lead to both of us really wanting to eat brownies. To which our friend whose apartment we were at gave us the box of mix, and Ari went straight to work flexing those impeccable brownie making skills. Believe me when I tell you, they were some of the best brownies I’d ever tasted. It was this summer that I realized that Ari and I had grown so close. With what has become the most difficult time in my personal life, Ari was right there. Once I was able to see and hang out with people she came and visited me as soon as she could. And for 2.5 hours everything seemed like it was back to normal. From that point on she made junior year so special. Literally always there for me. I was lucky enough to get to work with Ari on literally every show we were assigned to this year.  Ari was always someone I looked up to for design, I’m so grateful that she was not only designing beside me for both of our last and my first performances in the DTL, but she literally had my back for my entire design. She had such a strong eye for design, one that I am truly inspired by. And I’d always taken it as if Ari liked my design, that was a good sign that I was doing something right. She was so passionate about everything she did, and really committed and gave it her all. Tonight will be the first night that I’ve smoked in several months. And I’ll be okay, just like I was smoking for the first-time junior year after my summer of not having touched pot. That first-time junior year Ari was right there to walk me through it all, with how nervous I was. And I won’t be nervous tonight, because I know Ari will be with me again. I’ll love you forever darling. 

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