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It is impossible to put into words exactly how much Ari has affected my life. She is an inspiration in every way. I’ve only gotten close with her this past year, but the depth of a person that she was was only matched by the depth of her love for those around her. If there was anybody that I wanted to make sure I made a good impression on, it was Ari. She worked so hard for everything, made everybody feel welcome, and was overall a vibrant soul who saw the beauty in uniqueness. I was always curious about what she thought about certain ideas that I had, tiny moments, anything in general. When I had a conversation with her, I knew that I was talking to one of the most genuine souls out there and that our talk would always be filled with wit and wonder. She constantly reminded me that she had my back forever and always, but even without her reassurance I knew that if there was anybody who I could go to for anything it was her. 

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