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This year I was asked to take on a project not normally asked of a freshman and she could tell that at times I would be in a panic, as I was pacing the stage, and I would be frantically looking around (that’s how she saw it and explained it to me). She would walk over to me and would poke fun about how I seemed super stressed. So whenever she got a chance, she would pull me aside, almost daily, and remind me that she was really proud of me and that I was killing it. Anytime I went over to ask her a question, she would always make a comment about it and was always reminding me that she was there if I ever needed anything. She did that a lot during the project and it honestly meant so much. She’d be working on the opposite side of the room and she would always make a point to say hey, check up on me and make me laugh to calm my nerves. Even went as far as to sit next to me during meetings when I felt like a fish out of water. It really helped, it made me feel wanted in a room that I didn’t feel I should be in. It was such a relief to just have someone say “I’ve got your back and you are doing a great job” either verbally or just physically as she sat beside me.

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