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This past semester I worked at SUNY Purchase as the Production Supervisor for the Conservatory of Dance. The seniors and I wanted to make a tribute video that holds clips of each piece Ari designed this semester. There is also a folder with the full videos I used in case you wanted to see more. Although video doesn’t capture the true impact of the lighting, I hope you can still see the passion and incredible design in there. Along with being the Production Supervisor I was also the Stage Manager for most of the senior projects, which means I worked closely with the lighting designers. Out of all of them, your daughter Ari had some of the greatest raw talent I’ve seen at Purchase. Ari would continue to tweak different looks she made throughout the week, continuously pushing her design to the next level. Her passion for the craft was obvious but more importantly Ari had the most incredible demeanor of everyone. She would walk into the DTL with a smile, an excitement, that infected the space. Tech with her was some of the most enjoyable experiences I had. Ari’s goal was to make the show great, and if that meant helping the other designers hang a light or fix a cue for them she was always there to do it. The news of her passing hit me especially hard because I knew she was going to go far in the industry – I was going to make sure of it. I was planning to pull her onto to any and every event I could. The world may not be able to experience your daughter’s genius but please know that I will never forget this past semester with her. Her designs, her passion, and her positive energy as a lighting designer will stick with me for the rest of my life. This video is in celebration of Ari and her work for her birthday tomorrow. We send you and her entire family love. From, Madison Ellis and the entire Conservatory of Dance

Dances and tribute video generously shared by the 2020 Purchase College Dance Conservatory senior choreographers, and posted to our Lighting & Design page.

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