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It was Thanksgiving break, and I was stuck on campus alone. I was fully prepared to spend my holidays alone, but I distinctly remember Ari and Preston calling me to make plans for hanging out literally all day. We had spent a good portion of the afternoon wandering campus, and ultimately down into the woods. (I mean, what else is there to do on campus anyways?) Ultimately, we stumbled upon a Perfectly Cut Stump. The three of us stood around it for a moment in silence, just…. Looking at it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I 100% wanted this stump for my apartment as it was a perfect chair. However, I didn’t want to be the one to volunteer to carry it all the way back across campus…. Probably a 2 mile walk? After a moment, the two of them both agreed that it was a “cool lookin’ stump” and there we were. An odd bunch of two very short individuals with one large one, carrying a muddy stump past university police slung under a hoodie. After what felt like a million years, we finally hoofed it to my second floor apartment, where it remained all year until the last weeks. The ‘Stump Gang’ had persisted with it. As the year concluded, we had come to the conclusion that the stump must return to where we had found it…. The woods. So all by herself essentially, she carried this large, immensely heavy stump through brambles, bushes, muddy slopes and even tossed it across a river in the pitch black of the night. The rest of that night was spent in beautiful company with some amazing folks, and that stump remains there to this day– a permanent fixture to the woods. And I feel, that’s where her spirit would return to if she ever visited purchase. That firepit in the woods, with that stump chair. Forever serving as a gathering place for friends, and oftentimes unlikely guests– sharing in good company, laughs and cheap alcohol.

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