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Ari was the light that you saw at the end of the tunnel, the one that guided your way on the rocky depths of the sea. She was there, for all of us, shining brightly on top of the mountain that is life. Her love and caring for those who stood beside her was unmatched. She always had a welcoming smile and an eagerness to help or just to catch up with and talk to all of her friends around her. Her outlook towards others was something that I aspired to adopt. She was there to listen, she was there to learn, to help and to teach; never to judge or shame, to hurt or to complain. Ari’s work ethic was also without comparison. We LDs always turned to her for that little step of guidance when an assignment would begin to stump us. In any situation, there she was, all elements done, finalized, proofread and sent out. As each day now marches on, I am further and further reminded that she is devastatingly no longer with us, and that so much of our lives inside and outside of class somehow was connected to her, and in fact is still connected to her, now more than ever. Ari will live on in spirit and in guidance, we will always remember her, look back and ask ourselves “what would Ari do?” and in doing that I know she will be there, with all of us, guiding our way through life. I miss you Ari, and I won’t ever let your guiding light fade from my life.

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