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Ari is the only person I’ve ever met who knows how to make every second count and make the things that seem so small mean more than the world. One night, I was lying in bed playing on my phone when I got the most unexpected phone call from her. She was going for a walk on the Cape and was admiring how beautiful the stars were. She convinced me to get out of bed and go outside and look at them too, even though I was 6 hours away. We were so far apart, yet time felt like it had stopped, like we had somehow been pulled together to be standing side by side. I had never felt so connected to anyone before. I am so grateful for every moment I shared with her and the self confidence she helped bring to my life. She showed me I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I love everything about her and I always will. I know I’ll be able to see her in the stars.

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