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I always had a friend crush on Ari, from the moment I met her. I always wanted to be closer with her, and over the years, the closer we got the brighter my life got. One of the best neighbors ever. All of the times sophomore and junior year we saw each other on our way home and started walking together, those few moments always warmed my heart. She was always ready to donate garbage bags to my apartment when we ran out. She’s one of those people you could just sit and listen to talk for hours, doesn’t matter what it is, but Ari was so passionate about everything she did so listening to her speak was always just such an interesting thing, no matter what. My favorite most recent memory is the last week we were on campus. Ari and our other friend had carried a stump from deep in the woods on the opposite side of campus to my apartment balcony over thanksgiving break. It’s been there ever since. That stump became a staple of our apartment. The last week before we had to leave campus, we decided to have a fire with this stump to let it go out in style. We packed that stump into our friend’s small car, and this was a big stump. To fit all of us around it, Ari got in the middle seat in the back and hugged the stump, smushed between me (with another friend on my lap) on the right and another friend on her left. Here we were, some rowdy college kids squished together, with a stump. When we got out, Ari tried to carry it herself to the spot in the woods, but this stump was huge and heavy. I ended up helping her. We carried this chunk of a tree, stopping every 10 feet to readjust our hands and plan out our course of action for the next 10 feet. We swapped who was going backwards, who had the side with the better hand holds, and both of us were small but both were too stubborn to accept any more help. Though, she carried it by herself across a plank spanning a small stream. Well, threw it across the stream more like it. She was so adamant she had it, and she did; just took a minute. When we finally got to the campfire spot, we couldn’t even burn it like we originally carried it out there for cause we couldn’t chop it up, so it became a nice seat. Might still be out there. 

Such a loving, caring, beautiful, intelligent, artistic, genuinely good soul. Always makes everyone smile. I love her. Always will.

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