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assistant lighting designer, Dialogues (loaded in and canceled March 2020)

Dialogues (photos by Marissa Michaels)



“Igor’s Dream” and other Senior Dance Compositions generously shared by the Purchase College Dance Conservatory of 2020, below.

Theater Lighting Resume 2019 (Purchase Theater Conservatory)

master electrician, We’re Gonna be Okay (Purchase)

spot one, Commonwealth Shakespeare

Ari, squirrelmom “mildred” & babies on spot (Commonwealth Shakespeare)

mildred, on break

Lighting Resume 2017 (Northampton High School)

lighting designer, Urinetown (NHS)

Urinetown @ NHS 2015

lighting designer, Proof (NHS)

lighting designer, Four Americans and a Brit (NHS)

survival kit of the lighting operator, Northampton School of Dance (NHS 2015)

Lighting designer, Senior Compositions 2020

Purchase Dance Conservatory

Tribute compilation and dances below were generously shared by the Dance Conservatory for Ari’s birthday 6/18/2020

"Igor's Dream," Choreographed by Solange Rodrigues

“The Thin Ice” (by Pink Floyd) in the light lab

Memorial Group

Ari’s Facebook

Ari’s Instagram

Ari’s Tattoo Insta

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