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August 2019, by photographer Julia Cumes ( from her exhibit “Trans(formation): A Collaborative Portrait Series Exploring Gender Identity in our Cape Cod Community.” Click on photo for exhibit caption.


by Julia Cumes

Ollie snuggles

April 2020

CA Jan 2020

3/11/20 interview and “Unboxed,” generously shared by JoAnna Elise, below. Click on photo for JoAnna’s note about working with Ari.

bakingpoorchoices brownies

home “brownies”

indian pudding tradition @ durgin park closing (2019)

focused on chihuli? or the lights lighting chihuli? (2017)


Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 4.08.15 PM

purchase move-in (2017)

happy bearthday, lana


"Unboxed" uncut interview of Ari by JoAnna Elise

"Unboxed" by JoAnna Elise

on a train

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